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sPod Switch Consoles

    JK 6 Switch sPOD 2007 - 2011 JK Switch sPOD 2007 - 2011   FJ Cruiser 6 Switch sPOD sPOD Switch Console Accesspries

What sPOD is:

  • The ORIGINAL over the windshield switch console (made of aluminum, NOT plastic).
  • The innovator and the FIRST power distribution system engineered/designed for Toyota FJ Cruisers, Toyota Tacomas (2005 - 2011) and Jeep Wranglers (1997 - 2011) since 2005.
  • An independent power distribution system that consists of a six-circuit/relay/fuse power distribution unit.
  • Switch console with 6 lighted (when in the on position) Contura rocker switches made by Carling Technologies.
  • Two 8 gauge power cables with an inline circuit breaker that attaches to the battery.
  • Two piece wire harness that attaches to the control switch panel and power distribution unit.

How the system works:

  • Using switches to control the power distribution unit.
  • Its power comes directly from the battery's positive and negative terminals.
  • The power distribution unit supplies power to the 12 position terminal block where accessories will attach.
  • Each circuit is independent with its own relay, fuse, diode (included with each kit). Each circuit is controlled by the sPOD switch panel located inside the cab on the windshield frame utilizing existing hardware to mount.
  • Run your accessory power leads (positive and negative) directly to the terminal block located on the Source.